This is The Hewson Stable, the organising agency for registered sister companies with interlocking corporate interest in real estate and its business & IT intersection. The stable offers technical support services in specialized areas of the real-estate & allied industry through affiliate companies. We provide exceptional services that enhance development projects, alongside other counterpart services that facilitate organizations towards enterprise growth.

Hewson Development Company

Project Management & Planning

HDC is a project management, planning & contracting company, which focuses on facilitating physical development schemes, infrastructural facilities as well as built-environment & resource amenities. We provide exceptional outcome in building development project through effective services. Find out more

Hewson Synergy Limited

Computer Integration & Vendoring

HSL is a computer integration, vendoring & outsourcing company, offering valuable ICT services that enhance efficiency and growth. The company improves availability and accuracy of technologies required by clients. HSL operates as systems integrators and product marketing outfit. Find out more

Hewson Consulting Services

Capacity Development & Informatics

HCS is a capacity development, strategy & infosystems company, which engages in consultancy practice and has an industry-specific focus that is excellence driven. HCS assists in instituting the best practices, technology and processes that clients require to achieve better performance and returns. Find out more

Central Objective

To assist corporate and private individuals achieve their real-estate development & allied business pursuit through combination of resources from recognised experts with relevant certification and exposure.